Data science can be a vast field, with different specializations, and depending on the sector

IoA Knowledge and Analytic Abilities full CPD training Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of our custom tracks in Data Camp. These tracks are aligned to the IoA Analyst Competency Framework and provide a structured development of the skills that we know employers are looking for.

Data science can be a vast field, with different specializations, and depending on the sector you work in, there will be different expectations of the tools that you can use to carry out data analytics work. For that reason, we have developed two separate tracks.

Which track is for me?

Track I Python Analyst

Our Python analyst track takes you from novice Python user in Year 1, to a flexible Python coder by the end of the 7-year training period. You’ll dive into machine learning by year 4, and if you work steadily through the tracks you will be able to work with unstructured data, images and free text, and also work with deep learning techniques by the end.


Track II Business Analyst with R

Our Business analyst with R track starts with best practice when manipulating data in a spreadsheet environment, Cloud environments and working with visualization tools. The early courses focus on software tools commonly available to business analysts in their IT suite. We introduce R coding in Year 4, and by the end of the program of study, you’ll be able to work with geospatial data and machine learning. By working with R, you’ll gain greater understanding of the underlying data structures behind tabular data analysis.

Is just about taking courses?

There is a lot more you can do on our Knowledge and Analytics training content than just take courses.

– Check your knowledge

Both tracks include assessments to allow you to check your skills and knowledge before you begin a course to be sure that the level is appropriate for you. These assessments are quick and easy.

– Complete interactive courses

The courses all provide hands-on coding exercises and have ongoing interactive assessment throughout, with hints and support. The only difference between these courses and real coding is that you don’t need to ask permission from your employers to download any specialist coding environments or data onto your work laptop as it’s all done online.

– Avoid skills slip

We have mini refresher courses on all our leaning content, in case it’s been a while since you used the tool. Try these short courses to guarantee that those valuable skills don’t degrade over time.

– Get hands-on experience problem solving

As well as the courses, which offer a structured learning process, we have a wide selection of projects to give you hands-on experience solving real world problems with data.  

Can I access the content on my phone?

We strongly recommend logging into the site on your laptop to get the best out of the content, but the courses are also designed for mobile access if you prefer to learn that way.

Is there a certificate at the end?

All our full courses come with a certificate of completion for you to share with stakeholders or your community.

What about the other skills on the IoA Analyst Competency Framework?

The technical skills covered in the knowledge and technical skills courses are not enough on their own to ensure that you are working to the highest professional standards. We already have our interactive courses on Governance and Professionalism, which cover all aspects of collecting and selecting data, interpreting results, and understanding legislative environments that we work in. We also have a track on Communication skills to improve your application of visualization theory and these courses provide tips on verbal and written communication skills. You can find an index here https://ioaglobal.org/ioa-cpd-programs/

Where can I learn more?

We have a recording of a walkthrough of the Datacamp content, the tracks, how to tackle skills slip, how to test if you need a course, and what to do if your employer asks you to carry out an analysis you haven’t been trained for. Watch our webinar recording below.

Here at the IoA we’re thrilled with your commitment to your career development and let us know how you get on at hello@ioaglobal.org !

If there is any other training content that the IoA does not currently offer and you would like to see, please email us on hello@ioglobal.org.