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Goldfish taught to play Nintendo Switch ran up a credit card bill

We all know we need to be careful with our data privacy, but a man in Japan had to explain to his credit card company that his personal data had been leaked by his pet goldfish.
YouTuber, Mutekimaru, has become a gaming sensation after rigging up his goldfish tank with very sensitive motion detection sensors. The resulting data was fed into a remote control Nintendo console, enabling the fish to dictate the movements of one of the players on the screen.

The fish got a little too good at it, and while Mutekimaru was live streaming a game of Nintendo with him and his fish, he walked away from the screen leaving the goldfish in charge. The game crashed and returned to the homescreen, where the fish then managed to change the name of their owner twice, log into the Nintendo store, check the legal terms and download an new avatar. They even managed to set up a paypal account for him.

The fish can be seen adding 500 yen (only about $4) to Mutekimura’s Switch account from his credit card. However, in the process, they also exposed his credit card details to the viewing public. So, next time someone argues that people have consciously agreed to terms and conditions, remember Mutekimaru’s goldfish!