The world of Data Analytics is ever-evolving and extremely fast-paced. From changes in regulations to advancements in technology, and with changing business models, it is essential for Analytics & Data science professionals to have the skills to navigate our increasingly complex world. IoA Membership comes with amble Learning Opportunities which is the key to getting to the top of your game - and staying there.

IoA also Acredits a range of Higher Education and short course providers. IoA Accredited courses are an alternative way of learning and offer a fast-track route into IoA full membership; recognises that students who have completed the courses have the skills and knowledge needed by the employers.

IoA Training Tracks

Our self-paced tracks guide learners through the core skills needed in industry.

They will take you from complete beginner to a position where you are able to offer leadership in your organisation. If you have experience or training already, our series of short self-assessments will guide you to the right entry point for you.

Business Analyst with R
Data Analyst with Python

IoA Tool Kits

Our Tool Kits offer support for people with specific interests in analytics. There is no progression of difficulty, although we might recommend some short courses as prerequisites to our more advanced content.

AI Essentials
Analytics for Accountancy and Finance
Data Engineering

Professional Development

Our first-class professional development will help you build crucial knowledge and skills to succeed in this demanding and fast-moving profession and support lifelong learning. With the IoA as your learning partner, you will boost your career prospects, strengthen your business and claim your place at the cutting edge.

All of our learning is aligned with the IoA Analyst Competency Framework.

400+ courses covering software tools, business intelligence systems, R and Python for beginner to advanced analysts.
70% of our training is hands-on in our installation-free environment - you only need a laptop/PC or mobile device.
Learn complex skills one line or command at a time, with the option to pause and resume training to suit your schedule.
Data sets are pre-installed in the learning environment so you can start doing meaningful analysis immediately.
Get real-time error feedback so you can practise debugging your code, with hints and full answers if you get stuck.
We have custom tracks including Business Analyst with R and Data Analyst with Python to help guide your career.
Our Took Kits help to rapidly upskill those in specialist professions such as finance to complement existing skills.
Training in Governance & Professionalism, Communications and Leadership ensure that your skills are well-rounded and support the demands of industry.

Analyst Competency Framework

Our IoA Analyst Competency Framework was created to help IoA Members structure their Data Analytics career progression in line with expectations for the industry and the future.

Encompassing four broad skill areas - Knowledge & Analytics, Governance & Professionalism, Communication and Leadership & Personal Effectiveness - members can access training to acquire key skills to progress through the levels of membership and build a successful analytics career.