Professional Diploma in Data Science & Analytics

The Qualification will provide you with academic and technical skills to analyse, interpret and make sense of the huge amount of ubiquitous data created daily. It will enable you to meet the demands of tomorrow’s information society. It helps you to learn how large amounts of distributed, diverse and linked data is relevant to all companies and organisations, whatever their size. You can study data management, infrastructures, search and mining, presentation and visualisation, security and privacy. You develop your collaborative and communication skills as you work in lively, enthusiastic groups. You gain a critical understanding of the phenomenon of large-scale data repositories.

IoA Diploma in Data Analytics holders can pursue this Qualification from Module 07.

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Program Structure

  • Module PDA01 Mathematics & Statistics for Data Analytics

  • Module PDA02 Fundamentals of Programming

  • Module PDA03 Fundamentals of Data Base

  • Module PDA04 Database & Information Retrieval

  • Module PDA05 Data Structure & Algorithm

  • Module PDA06 Data Modelling

  • Module PDA07 Data Security & Information Integrity

  • Module PDA08 Data Mining

  • Module PDA09 Data Analytics

  • Module PDA10 Data Management & Semantics

  • Module PDA11 Data Engineering

  • Module PDA12 Data Presentation & Visualization

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Exam & Exemptions

The student can achieve the Affiliate Membership status after the Completion of the Professional Diploma through IoA Examinations. The Institute grant exemptions to the students pursuing Recognized Degree Program (as per the IoA Accreditation Scheme) towards the Professional Diploma where the Students are eligible for Graduate Membership or Associate Membership after the completion of the Undergraduate or Postgraduates Degrees respectively.

In order to get the Professional Diploma Qualification; the student (Minimum Eligibility is “A” Level Equivalent) has to attend Institute Examinations by paying the relevant exam fees applicable at an approved exam centre. The Graduates (Computer Science or Applications /Mathematics/Statistics..etc) may get exemptions for the Modules 01 - 04 based on their Under Graduation or Post Graduation; However Module 05-12 are compulsory for achieving the Professional Diploma Qualification.

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Career Opportunities

Learn how to help organisations make sense of data – a skill that is in growing demand across a wide range of sectors. This business analytics qualification is one of the few of its kind, offering you an additional career advantage.

There is currently a shortage of graduates with sound business analytics skills, putting you in a good position to find a job when you graduate. Your skills will be valuable within any organisation that collects and uses large amounts of data, in roles such as risk analyst, data analyst and data scientist. You could choose to become a business analyst within a consultancy firm or government agency, or work in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare or defence.

Graduates can expect to find employment as consultants, decision modelling or advanced data analysts, and members of technical and analytics teams supporting management decision making in diverse organizations.


Initial Registration GBP 90 (One Time)
Subscription (Student Member) GBP 80/Annum
Re - Registration GBP 150
Exam Fees GBP 75/Module
Exemption Fees GBP 60/Module
Subscription (Affiliate Member) GBP 120/Annum
Subscription (Graduate Member) GBP 90/Annum
Subscription (Associate Member) GBP 100/Annum