Stage One:
Business As Usual

A Stage 1 business often finds comfort in the familiar refrain of "this is the way we've always done it," echoing throughout its approach to customers, operations, measurements, business frameworks, and technology. It tends to favour a traditional "business-centric" approach to marketing and sales, relying on outdated processes and technology that often prove ineffective.

This doesn't necessarily stem from ignorance of the evolving world or arrogance towards the necessity of change but as a result of being oblivious to the potential risks of not being part of the interconnected world of today. There's often a palpable fear of embracing change, driven by concerns of making costly errors and possibly fear of the unknown.

Data skills indicators

Excel or other spreadsheet tool is used by a few specialist members of the team, like finance

Decision making indicators

Decisions are taken based on personal experience of what worked in the past

Where to start

You can get a long way with some basic analytic tools. At the IoA, we recommend upskilling the marketing and sales teams initially but anyone on the team with KPIs and goals can benefit.

If you have 45 minutes

Our 45 minute code-along webinar shows you how to Analyse a Marketing Funnel without any experience needed. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with just a short introduction to marketing analytics.

If you have 4 hours

Why not try our complete hands-on training course Introduction to Spreadsheets which also covers building a dynamic paid-advertising dashboard to monitor the impact of your marketing efforts.


Join the IoA

There are two ways to join the IoA to support digital transformation in your business:

Corporate Partnership

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Support your team’s professional development and the needs of your business with access to 1400+ hours of training from beginner to advanced, ranging from the first steps moving away from spreadsheets and intuitive decision making to MLOps

Receive exclusive opportunities for enhanced visibility for your company and special rates for in-person events

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Individual Membership

Gain recognition for your professionalism, achieve your goals and work towards attaining the highest levels with Chartered status

Access structured career progression with custom tracks (Business Analyst with R and Data Analyst with Python) and upskill with specialist Tool Kits including Analytics for Accountancy & Finance and Data Engineering

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