Stage Four:

Stage 4 is distinguished by a profound synergy amongst departments, fostering collaboration, information sharing and research exchange.

At this juncture, the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) assumes a central role in the business's operations, transcending platforms and departments. Leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, the organisation achieves a unified view of customers across marketing, sales, sales-enablement and service functions. Insights garnered are instrumental in refining and advancing buyer personas.

All endeavours related to digital transformation are deliberate, characterised by meticulously defined short-term and long-term objectives, strategic investments and seamless alignment with the business's key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data skills indicators

You work with more data types and your company has a plan in place to expand the volume of data that you collect in order to gain a fuller picture. You have identified good sources of external data to bring into your decision making process.

Decision making indicators

Key decisions are taken after referring to a range of internal and external data patterns.

Where to next?

We recommend teams take a more strategic approach to integrating data transformation into their work flows to make better informed decisions and secure the competitive advantages you’ve begun to build.

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