Stage Five:

As Stage 5 unfolds, digital transformation becomes ingrained in an organisation's DNA, permeating governance, leadership, personnel, operations, customer experiences, data management, analytics, technology integration and digital proficiency.

To sustain this evolution, a dedicated digital transformation team is established, tasked with propelling ongoing innovation, strategy refinement and business growth anchored in both business and buyer-centric objectives.

Digital literacy has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of the business, fostering a culture of perpetual learning. Decision-making processes are now fueled by data insights, meticulously optimised to yield tangible results.

Data skills indicators

You have at least a couple of people on the data team who can use a range of tools to get the most suitable insights from the type of data that you have (e.g. summarising competitor reports, financial statement industry comparisons, mining social media data for patterns).

Decision making indicators

While not fully integrated, you have a culture that values data insight and a team that knows how to ask the right questions about machine output.

Where to next?

It’s better to upskill or reskill your existing staff than to fire and hire fresh talent. Why not consider getting them onto one of our professional training tracks? We recommend:

Analytics for Accountancy and Finance Tool Kit

Ideal for your financial experts and accountants to provide additional predictive support in decision making

Business Analyst Track

Ideal for your business development team to get deep insight into the market and business analytics if you already have some data

Data Analyst Track

Ideal if you have a healthy data pipeline in place and want to carry out more sophisticated machine learning analytics and more

Data Engineering Tool Kit

Ideal if you you already have a developed data ecosystem and you want to be heavily data driven in the future

IoA Membership offers an affordable way to provide employees with first class training at their own pace and leading to professional certification. This will give your organisation an edge over the competition by ensuring your staff are taking advantage of machine learning.

Join the IoA

There are two ways to join the IoA to support digital transformation in your business:

Corporate Partnership

Get recognised as a progressive company that operates ethically and for the investment you make in your staff who receive access to IoA Membership benefits

Support your team’s professional development and the needs of your business with access to 1400+ hours of training from beginner to advanced, ranging from the first steps moving away from spreadsheets and intuitive decision making to MLOps

Receive exclusive opportunities for enhanced visibility for your company and special rates for in-person events

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Individual Membership

Gain recognition for your professionalism, achieve your goals and work towards attaining the highest levels with Chartered status

Access structured career progression with custom tracks (Business Analyst with R and Data Analyst with Python) and upskill with specialist Tool Kits including Analytics for Accountancy & Finance and Data Engineering

Stay up to date with advancements in technology, changes in regulation and thought leadership with our monthly webinar, masterclass series and insights

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