Stage Six:
Innovative & Adaptive

Digital transformation embodies an ongoing, iterative journey, perpetually evolving without taking time out. Stage 6 epitomises an everlasting phase characterised by a pervasive culture of innovation coursing through the business. Resources and strategic focus pivot on fostering innovation, accelerating transformation and uncovering novel, "unconventional" avenues for growth.

The Digital Transformation team redirects its efforts towards fostering disruption, establishing innovation hubs dedicated to research and development, as well as talent acquisition initiatives whilst also exploring new technologies - potential acquisitions becomes paramount.

Leadership and executives engage in regular dialogues with industry and technology thought leaders, seeking insights into best practices and digital innovations from diverse markets.

Data skills indicators

People on your teams are aware of the data you have and know how to access it. Everyone is encouraged to think imaginatively and critically about how to get the most out of that data. Your organisation constantly reviews its data policy to see if there are helpful emerging tools, skills or opportunities that are missing.

Decision making indicators

Data is used to drive efficiencies and quality of service or products that you sell. These may be small advantages over the competition, but enough to give you the edge. Your teams know how to explore data for patterns. Data is used to protect your core product or service and constantly improve on it. Everyone is encouraged to innovate at a low risk level. Some of the decision making in your daily work that is suitable for machines is automated and your teams are all trained in oversight measures.

Where to next?

You’re doing great, and by this point, you know just how quickly this industry moves. We suggest building a strategy to stay ahead with changes in the technology and the rules that govern best practices.

If you have 10 - 45 minutes

Stay up to date with trends through our regular Blog Posts and Webinar Series.

Membership of the IoA gives you access to training to progress through every stage.

If you have 4 hours or more

Browse our extensive training which is updated every quarter to reflect the latest technologies or even learn some handy new skills, like graph analysis. Our training includes deep learning techniques including building and integrating Large Language Models with tools such as Transformer Architecture.

Data Engineering Tool Kit

Ideal if you you already have a developed data ecosystem and you want to be heavily data driven in the future

IoA Membership offers an affordable way to provide employees with first class training at their own pace and leading to professional certification. This will give your organisation an edge over the competition by ensuring your staff are taking advantage of machine learning.

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Support your team’s professional development and the needs of your business with access to 1400+ hours of training from beginner to advanced, ranging from the first steps moving away from spreadsheets and intuitive decision making to MLOps

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Gain recognition for your professionalism, achieve your goals and work towards attaining the highest levels with Chartered status

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