Who We Are?

We are a skilled team united in our dedication to supporting our members and partners to harness the power of Data Analytics. As a global organisation, we firmly believe in the power of international collaboration and shared knowledge and actively promote this in all that we do.

Our vision is to be the leading body for Analytics & Data Science professionals around the world.

The IoA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping our members meet the needs of industry and society as a whole.

What We Do?

Ultimately, we support human - machine teaming in the modern workplace for the benefit of all. We do this through:

Bringing together academia, industry and government across the disciplines of modern Data Analytics to ensure everyone benefits from machine-driven insights.

Providing technical training for our members wherever they are in their careers. We have 1400+ hours of training ranging from building a dashboard with spreadsheets to using software tools and business intelligence systems and open-source coding environments like R and Python.

Leading the way in Ethical Analytics design and interpretation. We train members to make the right decisions around possible pitfalls in data collection and representation, in selecting the best solution to problems and in interpreting the output. Our training in accountability and transparency will help analysts work with integrity and responsibility.

Ensuring that members are skilled in communication. We believe in the importance of ensuring members are able to effectively communicate insights and risks to senior management and we have a suite of training to support them.

Our Goals

To lead the discussion in the field of Analytics & Data Science
Our interactive platforms and networking opportunities bring together people at the cutting edge of thought and developments in our field. We want to provide a clear direction in ethical, effective practical Data Analytics.

To advance the use of evidence-based decision-making across multiple disciplines
By bringing more people to the field of data-driven thought, we promote the best use of human and machine insights to guide and transform business and the world.

To train the data leaders of the future
We have a clear progression plan for members and all the support they need to get ahead and stay ahead in this field. Analysts face many challenges and we are there to support our members at every step.

Our Values

As a professional body, we encourage our members to be passionate about Data Analytics and innovative in their working practices, whilst retaining their integrity and continuously learning to ensure that their skills remain relevant and reflect the rapidly changing world in which we live.

These are our values and underpin what we do and how we serve our members.

All of our members are bound by the IoA Code of Ethics and Practice which sets out our expectations of professional conduct and ethical standards. Members make this commitment to joining and re-commit to this annually when renewing their membership.