Economist Impact Announces The Institute Of Analytics As Marketing Partner For Their Data Dividend Series

  • Published: 02 February 2023

Economist Impact announces the Institute of Analytics as Marketing Partner for their data dividend series

Economist Impact, powered by The Economist Group with the goal of empowering businesses, governments and foundations to catalyse change and enable progress, has partnered with the Institute of Analytics (IoA) to promote their data dividend series.

The data dividend was created as a series of global roadshows with a focus on helping companies maximise their data strategy. The IoA is proud to join as Marketing Partner for data dividend events in San Jose, California (9 February 2023), Washington, DC (7 March 2023) and Boston, Massachusetts (4 April 2023).

We have entered the data age. Technology has advanced and digitalisation has accelerated which is causing widespread disruptions globally, as businesses and governments recognise the value that data can provide. People are moving away from simple spreadsheets and exploring the way that they create and store data to gain valuable insight into a range of trends and practices.

In this new data-driven world, it is essential for organisations to have a clear data strategy to be in a position to leverage data to support strategic decisions, with full clarity around potential risks and opportunities and awareness of the legal and ethical impact.

It is my pleasure to announce IoA as Marketing Partner for our data dividend events. As leaders in the field of ethical analytics and with a mission to bring more people to the field of data-driven thought, the IoA is the ideal partner to help businesses embrace digital transformation in the 21st century, said Melissa Mianulli, Marketing Manager, Custom Events Americas of Economist Impact.

Seeing the world mathematically and through data gives teams a new and valuable perspective on business practices and the shifting world we have to work in today. At the IoA, we recognise the real value that evidence-based decision making brings to business practice. Were working hard to support our members to work effectively in human-machine teams to bring the best that both worlds offer to the companies that they work in, said Dr Clare Walsh, Director of Education of the Institute of Analytics.

To find out more about the Economist Impact data dividend events and to register, click here.

For more information about how IoA Membership can support you with your data transformation, email hello@ioaglobal.org.