The IoA Launches in Sri Lanka to Support Digital Skills Acquisition

  • Published: 05 Jun 2023

The Institute of Analytics launches in Sri Lanka and offers support through its programmes to help improve data literacy.

On 5 June 2023, the Institute of Analytics (IoA) launched in Sri Lanka. The team was joined by representatives from the government, state and private universities, colleges and professional bodies from across the country.

The Sri Lankan government has ambitious plans for economic transformation which includes building the country into a knowledge economy. As a not-for-profit with a mission to inspire the next generation of data professionals through education, the IoA is uniquely poised to help the population of Sri Lanka gain crucial digital skills to compete in the data age.

The IoA offers free accreditation to universities and colleges with analytics & data science training programs to help ensure that their syllabi align with the expectations of industry as set out in the IoA Analyst Competency Framework. Support with curriculum development is available at no charge for all Sri Lankan state-funded universities and the IoA will subsidise this support for private universities in Sri Lanka for a period of time. Its schools project, which will be launched later this year, will help older schoolchildren develop a baseline understanding of data analytics that will help prepare them for joining the workforce.

Representing the government was Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunga, Chairman of Sri Lankas University Grants Commission, a governing body for the higher education system. In attendance were prestigious Sri Lankan universities such as the University of Moratuwa and Imperial College of Business Studies and a number of Sri Lankan national universities including University of Kelaniya, University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Postgraduate Institute of Management and University of Colombo. National and international professional bodies were represented including ACCA, AICPA, CIMA, CIM, CA Sri Lanka, CIPM, SLIM, IBSL and SLICM as were several private higher education institutions.

Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunga said "Data is common to everyone, and the government is invested in helping the Sri Lankan people improve their data literacy. This will not only help their prospects individually but will also contribute to the prosperity of the country."

Dr Clare Walsh, IoA Director of Education, said "At the Institute of Analytics, we can offer a clear path forwards in developing digital skills and data-driven decision making. The launch was our opportunity to meet with individuals and organisations who are committed to education and professional development and to discuss how the IoA can support their work through our programmes such as accreditation, membership and the work we do to develop training to help deliver the skills in demand."

Lara Millmow, IoA Head of Membership, reacted with "We have had such strong support from everyone who attended the launch and it was wonderful to hear that the IoA can play a role in supporting the people of this country that has welcomed us so warmly."

Special thanks goes to Imperial College of Business Studies for organising the launch on behalf of the Institute of Analytics.

About the Institute of Analytics

The Institute of Analytics (IoA) is a not-for-profit global body for analytics & data science professionals. Our mission is to develop and promote the highest professional and ethical standards, create awareness of the value of data analytics and its uses in society and inspire the next generation of analysts & data scientists through education. We help our members stay ahead of the curve of digital transformation through access to benefits including training and upskilling, updates about advancements in technology and regulation, masterclasses and thought leadership. To find out more, email: hello@ioaglobal.org or visit: ioaglobal.org.

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