The IoA Partners With CogX Festival 2023

  • Published: 26 May 2023

The Institute of Analytics (IoA) is partnering with this year's CogX Festival 2023 being held at The O2 in London between 12-14th September. Not only are we the Education & Research Partner but we'll also be exhibiting at the CogX Expo so make sure to find us.

Now in its seventh year, 2023 is promising to be the biggest, most-inclusive and forward-thinking gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers and activists to date. Over three days, the event will welcome some 90,000 visitors who will hear from over 1,000 incredible speakers appearing across three summits: Deeptech, Industry Transformation and Global Leadership.

There is also a serious theme at its core as CogX Festival 2023 is set to address the key question:

 'How do we get the next ten years right?'

By no means is this a purely rhetorical question but an aim to create an actionable strategy. The discussions and outcomes look set to be stimulating if the event's previous calibre of speakers are anything to go by - these have included former UK prime minister Tony Blair, Robert Downey Jr. (actor and investor), Lila Ibrahim (COO - Deepmind), John Kerry (US Special Envoy for Climate) and Tony Fadell (iPod inventor and iPhone co-inventor).

As the Education & Research Partner, IoA Members are entitled to a special discount to attend this year's Festival.

Talking about the event, CEO and Co-founder, Charlie Muirhead, said:

"Through the Festival's curated agenda, attendees will get the very latest thinking from the brightest minds who will provide diverse views and deep domain expertise from main stage talks to 20 min keynotes and firesides, to workshops and technical deep-dives. All sessions will be tagged into 200 topics so you can create your perfect agenda."

"CogX started with the mission to radically improve the understanding of and access to skills and knowledge, accelerate adoption of transformational technologies, help ensure responsible deployment and that the benefits flow through to everyone."

"Today the CogX Live Network is a platform where thought leaders can host public or private live video sessions or virtual events to demonstrate thought leadership and build meaningful connections with their audience."

The topics being covered provide an opportunity to ensure you are up to speed with the ever-changing world of tech, AI, data and beyond with speakers who will take a deep dive into their specialist areas.

Some of the insights will include:

  • Global Leadership: The biggest ideas from around the world.
  • Deeptech - AI, Cyber & Quantum: The next great wave of innovation.
  • Climate & Future of Energy: Innovation in global sustainability.
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing: The transformation of healthcare and wellness.
  • Growth - Startup to IPO & Beyond: Learn from the best and most exciting startups in the world.
  • True Industry Transformation: The breakthrough tech making the difference.
  • Web3, Metaverse & Gaming: Reinventing the way we interact with the online world.
  • Music, Film, Arts & Createch: The intersection of emerging technologies and culture.
  • Ethics & Society: Making technology and AI fairer for all.
  • Economy, Future of Work & Education: Reimagining learning, working and economics.

Announcing the partnership, the IoA's Head of Membership, Lara Millmow, said:

"We are thrilled to be connected to CogX as it is one of the flagship events in our industry and reflects our mission to ensure our members are kept at the forefront of change given the pace at which everything around us is evolving."

To discover more and to register go to cogxfestival.com.

If you are an IoA Member and have not received your discount code, please email membership@ioaglobal.org.

Not yet an IoA Member? Visit ioaglobal.org where you can apply to join the IoA and gain access to a range of benefits to support your career and standing in the field of Analytics & Data Science including discounts to attend inspiring events such as CogX Festival.