Accountants understand the importance of data, and already possess the crucial fundamental skills to work with data proficiently and with good governance.

With the move towards evidence-based decision making and use of decision technologies, and as more and more financial processes become automated, this presents an opportunity for accountants and finance professionals to expand their skill set and enter the world of data analytics. By gaining superpowers such as predictive analytics and AI auditing, learning how to work with new types of data and with an understanding of regulations such as the mandatory environmental reporting that has started being introduced in countries around the world, accountants and finance teams can take their influence to the next level and provide greater insights to their company and clients.

Why Accountants are Ideal to Transition to Data Analytics

Accountancy and finance professionals have a range of complementary skills including:

  1. The ability to manipulate data and work with large data sets
  2. Strong mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills
  3. In-depth knowledge of the businesses they are embedded in
  4. Familiarity working in a complex regulatory environment

Gaining data analytics superpowers is an easy transition for accountants and finance teams and is the next step in the evolution of accounting.

We call the new league of super accountants and finance professionals ALAIs: Accountants in the Loop of AI.

accountants and finance professionals ALAIs

You can listen to Dr Clare Walsh, IoA Director of Education, speak about how AI can revolutionise the world of finance on the "Elevating Financial Analysis: Embracing Predictive Insights in FP&A” webinar from The CFO.

You can learn more about the opportunities for those willing to upskill and make this transition in this article from Accountancy Age, featuring Dr Clare Walsh, IoA Director of Education.

How You Can Develop Your Superpowers

The IoA Analytics for Accountancy & Finance Tool Kits helps you build on your existing skills as you move away from tools designed for historical data and start to take advantage of powerful sorting algorithms on time sensitive data, how to work with new types of data eg enterprise data such as HR records and other data types such as customer service logs, images and more.

You can hear Dr Clare Walsh talk about the Tool Kits in depth in the following free video.

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You can also find out more about the IoA Accountancy & Finance Tool Kits here.

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