IoA Analysts Awards launched to recognise data's positive impact on business and society

  • Published: 29 September 2022

The inaugural Global IoA Analysts Awards 2022 opened on 28th September, celebrating those who are challenging the status quo in the business community through outstanding and innovative use of data.

Who are the awards for?

The awards aim to recognise and reward business excellence across all sectors: private, public and charity. Open to individuals and teams based anywhere in the world, entries are encouraged from those who have used and analysed data to drive innovation and social change and made positive contributions to society and business.

Data analytics move at a fast pace, with methodology, technology and regulations continually evolving. The Global IoA Analysts Awards will celebrate innovation, creating a platform for IoA to highlight the best data analysis practices across the world, which might otherwise fall beneath the radar.

As well as recognising achievement, the awards aim to promote knowledge sharing, inspiring others to innovate, and raise the profile of data analytics to encourage more individuals and organisations to bridge the skills gap needed to get ahead in the data age.

Entrants to the Global IoA Analysts Awards do not have to be conducting business globally; they can be national or regional, operating in a single country, but must be undertaking ground-breaking practices in data analytics. Individuals can be nominated for an award or enter themselves into the three categories:

  • Data for Social Good
  • Young Analyst (under 25s only)
  • Innovative Research and Application

How do I apply?

Nominations can be made online at IoA and require a short video, outlining the specifics of the initiative or project, and up to 1,000 words (including supporting written content, but excluding images) explaining what the individual or team has done to drive innovation and change. 

The judges will be looking for individuals who have been agenda-leading in data and analytics in 2022, with applications backed up by verifiable evidence from third parties. 

Nominations will close on 25th November 2022. 

and the winner is .

Winners will be announced at an online celebration on 18th January 2023 to make them as open as possible to IoA Members and analysts across the world.

Dr. Clare Walsh, IoA Head of Education, said: As we continue to work through the pandemic and fragile economy, it is more important than ever to recognise the achievements of those facing these challenges head-on. But the Global IoA Analysts Awards are much more than acknowledging data solution strategies; they will recognise those who are truly having an impact on business, society and the environment, delivering a new blueprint for business in the 21st Century. We would like the awards to serve as a benchmark for individuals from across the globe who are looking to showcase real leadership amongst their international peers. 

More details will be announced across our social media channels in the coming weeks including confirmation of the independent judging panel, shortlist of nominees and details of the award ceremony.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

Click here for more information and to submit your nomination.